Comic AG Super Erotic Manga Anthology vol. 88

Super sexy nurses, hot MILFS and "group activities" are what you'll find inside this latest manga by AG Comics. Bringing you nothing but the best in uncensored hentai content from top Japanese illustrators this issue presents another 80 pages of nonstop sexual content to feast your eyes on. This month features continuations of titles such as "The Girl With a Thousand Curses" by Togashi, "My Childhood Transsexual Friend" by Kirikaze, "Stray Cameraman Brute" by Fujikatsupiko, "Cumshot Harmony" by Kaoru Hodumi, and "Sexy Losers" by Clay B. Fellatio, women in bikinis and pigtails, gym shorts, group sex, elf sex, lesbianism and plenty more hardcore content! A great new hentai release from Icarus Comics.
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