Comic AG Super Erotic Manga Anthology vol. 95

We just love Comic AG, the super erotic manga magazine that's filled with more than 80 pages of top quality erotic manga for you to drool over. This month features continuations of titles such as "Gemini" by Hinemosunotari, "Flying Potion by Kaoru Hodumi, "Nasty Pair" by the Tuna Empire, "Love Slave Sancutuary" by Kyoya Araki and more fun with "Sexy Losers" by Clay B. Sailor seifuku uniform cosplay, oneesan sex, gansha (facials), professor/student relationships, kyonyu (large busts), paizuri (titty fucking), meganekko (girls with glasses), BDSM, swimsuits gangbangs and plenty more hardcore content!

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