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How would you like to make your very own eroge, surrounded by beautiful girls who love visual novels but who don't have much sexual experience? You're going to need to help them out if you're going to finish the game in time. An awesome erotic game published by Manga Gamer (Mangagamer).
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"Ahh! I came!" It was nine in the morning, and light was streaming into my six-tatami room. After pouring my energy into the eroge I just bought, I tossed the used tissues into the trash. I'd like to go another round, but... I have an interview at 11. Why am I jacking off to eroge on the morning of such an important day, you ask? Hmph... What a foolish question... It's because I love eroge!! That's right, the interview I have today is for a job at an eroge company!...But it's not like I can draw. Or write a scenario. And I definitely can't compose music. Or program. All I have is the knowledge I've earned from playing over 1,000 hentai games, and above all, my burning passion for them. Naturally, I've failed my interviews at a lot of companies, but... but today I'm certain! I'll do whatever it takes! I'll join an eroge company and make my own eroge too!... And thus, I finally got accepted at this tiny studio, Flower, but... it's on the verge of bankruptcy! If their next title doesn't sell, then they're going to go under... I mean, I'm not even getting paid unless this new game starts moving serious units! Is this really the kind of job I want to take? On the other hand, the staff members are all cute girls with sexy bodies? Or so I thought, but they've each got some pretty serious quirks... and while they're all talented, none of them have any motivation or knowledge when it comes to sex! I'm afraid the company I finally got a job at is going to go broke...! But I'm not going to let that happen! I'm not going to give up!! JAST USA is happy to announce exclusive distribution of Tick! Tack!, the awesome spin-off from the popular Shuffle! eroge. This game is fully translated to English and fully uncensored. The game is also 100% DRM free, with no online activation or copy protection on the disc.
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Compatible Systems Windows
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