Flowers -Le volume sur ete-

Summer has arrived early to Saint Angraecum Academy, and with it comes change. Since the sudden disappearance of one of her Amitié partners at the end of spring, Suoh Shirahane has been left nursing a profound sadness. Though she tries to hide it, Suoh’s pain does not go unnoticed by her close companion, Erika Yaegaki, who feels compelled to help her ‘bookworm buddy’ mend her broken heart.

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In the midst of all this a new classmate, Chidori Takasaki, arrives, disrupting Erika’s solitary lifestyle. To say that the two of them get off on the wrong foot would be an understatement, but Erika soon learns there’s more to Chidori than meets the eye. Can friendship blossom between a sharp-tongued misanthrope and the haughty class diva? JAST USA is bringing this beautiful yuri visual novel game series to us. Developed by Innocent Grey, it's a series known for its artwork, characters and music. We're very happy for this, the first game of the four-part series, Summer.

This is the Limited Edition of the game, which includes:

• The game on DVD-ROM

• Two acrylic figures (3.5 inches high) with stands

• Three dual-sided laminated postcards showing illustrations and backgrounds from the game (display them behind the figures)

• Steam key

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MRP $39.99
Compatible Systems Windows
Release Date Jun 1, 2018