Funbag Fantasy

PC Spec


Required CPU: Pentium III 800MHz

Recommended CPU: Pentium4 1.5GHz or higher

Required Memory: 512MB

Recommended Memory: 1024MB+

Required Resolution: 800x600

Sounds: PCM

Required Graphics: GeForce3/RADEON 8200

Recommended Graphics: GeForce6600+/RADEON x700XT+

DirectX: 8.0a+ 3D Compatible

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Massive boob lover Kagami Hiroyuki's full bodied fantasy romance is here!


Main character Lute is a new graduate of the elite school of knighthood "The Royal Knight Academy." While enrolled, he was the lowest ranked in his class, and mocked among his peers, but this hardly seems to bother him.

Lute, relegated for his poor performance, is transferred to Boan, the most impoverished land in the kingdom. There, along with the rumor of surviving demonic activity, he's about to encounter curious happenings.

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Compatible Systems Windows