Exodus Guilty vol. 1

Title: Exodus Guilty vol. 1
Language: English with Japanese voices
OS: DVD (works in any DVD player or DVD software in your computer)
Region: Region free (viewable on DVD players around the world)

A super interactive anime game you play on any DVD player!

A super new interactive dating-sim game that can be played with any standard DVD player, as well as computer with DVD drive or PlayStation/Xbox, this his Exodus Guilty! A great interactive anime game that you control with your DVD player's remote control, it features a great lineup of characters and an innovative story!

Vol.1 -Present-
The year 2000. Kasumi Shindo is at first glance a run-of-the-mill high school student in modern-day Japan. However, beneath his normal appearance, Kasumi is in fact a top-notch treasure hunter. This time, Kasumi is aiming to seek out the lost 11th Commandment of Moses. Kasumi discovers that his childhood friend, Reina Tachibana is in southern Europe participating in an archeological dig. Pretending to be a tourist, he visits the excavation area and manages to get put on the excavation staff. But he is not the only treasure hunter looking for the Eleventh Commandment of Moses and before he knows it, he's embroiled in a dangerous adventure.

This game is rated U-15, and is recommend for ages 15 and up.

Kasumi Shindo. This 18-year old is a high school student but has a second identity, that of a top treasure hunter.He is seeking the " Eleventh Commandments of Moses". Convinced that ruins discovered on an island in the south of Europe are home to this find, he decides to make a trek there. Learning that a friend form his childhood, Reina Tachibana, whose family he once lived with, is working on an excavation team there he concocts a plan to visit under the pretense of being a tourist.
Ai Tachibana. Reina's younger sister and Kasumi's bride to be as arranged by their parents, Ai pretends that she detests the idea of marrying Kasumi, but in fact she is really crazy about him. Ai decides to use her summer vacation to help her sister on the excavation and is initially excited about seeing Kasumi after a gap of ten years, but once they meet they can't seem to keep from fighting with each other.
Reina Tachibana. Ai's older sister and a professor of Archeology at a university in England, Reina is in charge of the excavation team. While suffering and sometimes unreliable due to a lack of common sense, she brings to her work, a wealth of specialized knowledge. She detests treasure hunters and the way they ravage the culturally valuable ruins, but hasn't yet clued into Kasumi's true identity.
Arglelech. An up and coming treasure hunter who has recently reared his head. In contrast to his chosen profession, he is not especially attached to money and does not appear to be very aware of the stigma of being a treasure hunter. It seems that in his past somewhere lies a connection with Kasumi.
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