Exodus Guilty vol. 2

Title: Exodus Guilty vol. 2
Language: English with Japanese voices
OS: DVD (works in any DVD player or DVD software in your computer)
Region: Region free (viewable on DVD players around the world)

Great new price on this interactive anime DVD game!

A sequel to Hirameki's outstanding interactive digital novel game that can be played with any standard DVD player, as well as computer with DVD drive or Playstation/Xbox, welcome to the world of Exodus Guilty 2! Move the story forward and decide the fate of the character using your DVD player's remote control. Continue the excellent adventure of Exodus Guilty with this new release.

Vol.2 -Past-

1200 BC A time when God was still demonstrating his powers and making his presence felt to those in the world and people lived simply in small communal groups. One of these hamlets was that of Will Arc. But when the village chieftain Martha refuses to be sacrificed to God, she throws the future of the village into uncertainty. When Martha realizes that she is at death's door, she leaves her son, the Great Swordsman ALES with her last wish before passing away. In order to convey Martha's final words, ALES strikes out alone on a quest for Will, a girl known as "The Song of God".

This game is rated U-15, and is recommend for ages 15 and up.

Ales. A swordsman of such skill that his name spreads far beyond his own hamlet. He harbors serious doubts that the "Will of God" is not what makes people suffer. To discover the truth for himself, he sets out on a journey alone. A man of strong moral fiber and unflagging courage, he soon gains a group of steadfast companions. Aqua. A strange young girl encountered in Plen Arc, she is in actuality, one of God's four mediums. By all appearances, she is merely a child, but in reality is older than ALES and talks as if she were an adult. She takes an interest in ALES and decides to help him under certain conditions.
Will. Lives in Plen Arc. She is a member of "Song of God" and tasked with the duty of conveying the will of God to people through dance. God called to her, but because she defied him, the oracles have decimated Plen Arc. When ALES arrives in Plen Arc, she has gone missing. The question is whether she perished with the city, or... Quake. A man that lives in the seaside hamlet of Sea Arc also happens to be an oracle. Normally living a quiet life with the fishermen of Sea Arc, QUAKE cuts a bold figure and has a personality that leaves an impression. Despite appearances, he is also a man of deep reflection and possesses a wealth of knowledge. A certain incident drives him to join forces in taking action with ALES.
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