JAST USA Memorial Collection Special Edition (5+1)


These are five great classic dating-sim games that every true collector of dating-sims should try. While the games are old they lack voice and were originally DOS ports, although the new engine is totally compatible with modern Windows now they are really fun. We can't help but recommend this collection of classic bishoujo games! Note that this game is about to go out of print if you're a fan of old school "H" games, snag this now.

Content Included

Season of the Sakura: A year-long journey of the love and romance in Japan.

Runaway City: You possess the power to make women do whatever you desire.

Nocturnal Illusion: You awake in a strange mansion filled with mysterious girls.

Three Sisters Story: Take revenge against the daughter of your father's enemy.

May Club: In the year 2023, mankind perfects the ultimate virtual reality sex simulator.

BONUS: The Borderline Collection: High res ecchi CG collection, fully uncensored

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Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7. 64-bit OSes not supported for all games.

500 MB hard drive

128 MB Memory

500mhz Pentium III or better

DirectX compatible graphics and sound card.

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